M.L – Financial Advisor, Dubai, UAE

“As anexperienced investor, having had a fair share of disappoinments with companies, and their products that fall apart like a ‘house of cards’ and the non-existent ‘after-sale’ service…I am delighted to come across Centaur, their products and their team. Centaur Natural Resources Bond is just one of their products and definitely delivers on its promise.    My Centaur Natural Resources Bond coupon of 12% per annum hits my bank account every last day of the month. As promised! Regular like a clockwork a friendly email same time informs me of a payment made to my account. That brings a smile to my face. So, if you are thinking of an investment that delivers on its promise, plus want to be properly looked after as a client, make Centaur your choice! You too will have a smile on your face!”