Great investment ideas very often contain a simple elegance. We favor ‘simple big ideas’, stories where there is a clear catalyst or value driver that is easily understood by the layperson.




Centaur is a multi award winning global investment holding company with interests, subsidiaries, portfolio companies and investments ranging from asset management, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, trade finance, mining and natural resources and agricultural investments.

Centaur has over 35 portfolio companies and subsidiaries operating across 11 countries and a proven track record which is constantly recognised by independent bodies with over 27 awards won as at 2017 for multiple categories and sectors including for best in class investment products and transactions.

Centaur prides itself on its culture of integrity, innovation, vision, and value creation and works with only the best third party service providers to maintain its position as a market leader.



Centaur’s approach is simple: Centaur has the ability to invest a combination of proprietary capital, and/or debt or equity raised from Centaur branded investment products, which enables us to invest with a longer-term vision.

The nature of our capital provides us with a distinct advantage: we are able to invest patiently with a longer-term perspective, often holding through the market or commodity cycle. Liberated from managing external investors such as Hedge Funds and/or answering to consultants, and freed from benchmarking and the risk of redemptions, we are able to focus solely on identifying the best ideas, allocating sufficient time and resources to conduct thorough due diligence, and responding nimbly to opportunities.

Whilst we typically focus on sourcing companies, projects and/or investment opportunities in the asset management, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, mining and natural resources, and agricultural sectors, either undervalued by the market, or lacking in development capital, we are not prescriptive and remain opportunistic, open to any geographical region, sector or any division of a company or its asset base.

Our approach is characterised by patience, innovation, and a longer-term perspective, which gives us the flexibility to ride out any volatility and wait for our investment theses to unfold.

We evaluate performance consistently during the years rather than months or quarters and re-adjust our exposure as and when necessary.

With a value focus and global mandate, we search relentlessly and globally for the best opportunities and invest with innovation, thorough and market leading due diligence and most importantly, conviction, believing that value emerges over time. Ultimately, the key to success in any investment is paying the right price at the right time, so that the risk lies in the time required for value to be realised, rather than the inevitable fluctuations in price.

Concentration where and when required, combined with diversification where and when required and a deep and exhaustive knowledge of the companies and sectors or markets in which we invest, mitigates our risk and necessitates a highly innovative portfolio.



87 Millions Tons of Coal Reserves

US$1.4 Billion Estimated Sales Revenue from Centaur Mining Projects

900 Average number of man hours spent on due diligence before Centaur invests into a project

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+27 awards won as at 2017 for multiple categories and sectors including for best in class investment products and transactions.


70% of Centaur clients rated the investment returns as “Excellent” from the results of the customer satisfaction survey conducted in August 2015

Operating in 11 Countries

+35 Portfolio Offices

US$450.000 Average investment in Centaur Products






We believe that culture drives innovation, destiny and success. For this reason, we take great care in selecting the very best people to serve the firm.



When you become a client of Centaur you will become part of an exclusive network and benefit from our multi award winning investment products.